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Siliblender™ Makeup Blender

The Silicone Makeup Blender was designed to completely eliminate the waste of makeup. Better than a brush or regular sponge... this silicone sponge doesn't soak up ANY product. While sponge applicators soak up large amounts of makeup during application, the OMG Sponge perfectly applies and blends your foundation, blush, highlighter, and concealer without absorbing one single drop! Less than half the amount of product is needed as compared to a traditional sponge or brush applicator! 


  • Take the littlest amount of cream/liquid product and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread, until it stops spreading further.
  • Tap repeatedly to blend and settle, pay attention to edges (jawlines, hairlines, around the eyes. Hold the sides and fold to create a "point" for detail and point applications.
  • Repeat and build coverage as needed. 

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